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Organic Farming in Uttrakhand Villages

Campaign Details

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Hiteshi NGO uses a scientific approach in the villages of Uttarakhand where Hiteshi NGO provides polyhouse because people of Uttarakhand facing problems like undulating topography, fragile environment, fragmented and smallholdings, little or no irrigation facilities, poor marketing structure that hamper the growth of the horticulture sector in the state.
Dr. Kishan Ran and his wife Mrs. Pushpa Rana represent a growing community of women farmers who are being recognized as custodians of traditional practices that have been part of the Himalayan region for centuries. Now to promote organic farming in the state of Uttrakhand Hieshi NGO started organizing a  Mahotsav every year called Krisaan which tries to stop migration from Uttarakhand to promote the rich, diverse culture of Uttarakhand. 

Now, agriculture outcomes have only got better in most of the villages of the Bageshawar states of Uttarakhand. There is a better composition of flora and fauna — the birds and herbs that disappeared from the terrain have made a comeback.
To help the citizens and reduce migration from Uttarakhand we have started a campaign called organic Uttarakhand.