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Traditional folk instrument of Uttarakhand - Hudkiya Baul | Uttarakhandi folk tradition | kumauni lok geet | Transplanting of paddy

  • 4 years ago
  • Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27z3JF1W4DY
  • 1980

Among the great cultural heritage of Uttarakhand are the famous traditional folk songs here - Jhoda, Chanchari, Chapeli, Niyoli, Bhaganaul, Shaadi - Shagun - Aankhar, Jagger, and Maa Nanda - Raja-jat songs of Sunanda and Rajula - sung in marriage. In the month of Malushahi and Aashad, paddy planting and tradition of pudding at the time of Maduva Hudkiya Baul, the songs of ancient kings - Maharajas are sung on folk festivals. It is associated with the famous folk traditions and folk songs of Uttarakhand, the folk instrument of social concerns and social taunts - Hukadiya Baul. Hudkiya Baul is a symbol of social participation, cooperation, harmony and mutual organizational community. Through this, kirsans are entertained and more work is done in less time. The biggest contribution of the Hudkiya Baul So with the mutual reconciliation in the village/society, public concerns have to be pursued. In today's time, there is a need to save this folk genre and to enrich the folk of Uttarakhand by joining the young generation in this agricultural work. Only then the water of Uttarakhand and the youth of Uttarakhand will come true for Uttarakhand. Of course, migration will also stop.